Protecting Snakes in Galapagos
Protecting The Snakes in Galapagos Islands - Reptile species in the Galapagos are the snakes, lava lizards and geckos. Between 1992 and until 1994 a study was made on the impact and potential threat to the endemic gecko by the introduced geckos.

Protecting Snakes in GalapagosSporadic snake studies have been carried out in order to know more about their ecology and behavior as well as the potential threats, specially on Islands with high diversity of introduced animals like rats, cats, pigs and dogs. To determine the original populations, field studies are carried out on the inhabited Islands where we can quantify population density alterations.

Due to the changes in the ecosystems of the Galapagos and its potential impacts on the native fauna it has been imperative to initiate monitoring work on the state of health for the populations of different species.

Scientific knowledge provides a base for the search of solutions and the management problems of the protected areas. Planning is accomplished by establishing priorities that allow for the implementing of management actions in those populations mostly affected by external agents.

All management work in captivity or in the wild, concerning threatened populations, (tortoises, land iguanas, other reptiles or birds) will always contain elements of investigation.

The el Ninio event has had a significant impact on land iguana, marine birds, lagoon populations and habitats, especially due to the increase in sea levels as the reproduction habitats in the coastal and swamp areas changed drastically.
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