Galapagos National Park Rules
Galapagos National Park RulesRules for the Galapagos National Park

1. Because of its unique nature, the plants, animals and rocks should stay on site so that there is no change. Nothing must be taken away from the islands, except photos.

2. Please avoid the introduction of foreign organisms such as animals, seeds, plants and insects as they cause serious problems.

3. Galápagos animals should not be touched or petted for your safety and because they can quickly loose their tameness and change their behaviour.

4. The endemic and native fauna of Galápagos has its natural form for feeding. Therefore, do not give them any type of food because it could harm them.

5. The Galápagos marine birds leave their nests if you disturb or follow them. They will let their eggs or chicks alone on the ground or leave them exposed to the sun.
Therefore you may watch the birds at a distance of no less than two meters.

6. Visitors’ sites at the Galápagos National Park are marked to guarantee your safety. You cannot leave the paths.

Galapagos National Park Rules7. Garbage of any type interferes with natural processes and takes away the enchantment of the unique island scenery. Do not dispose garbage at visitors’ sites, in the ocean or near the islands.

8. Please avoid purchasing souvenirs made of flora and fauna of the islands, like black coral, marine tortoise shells, sea lion teeth, or shells. This goes against the principles of conservation.

9. Writing names and phrases of any type on rocks, walls, etc. is a sign of bad manners and rudeness and damages the scenery.

10. Fire or smoking within Park areas is not allowed as a fire could start with a match or a cigarette that is not put out completely, and can cause uncontrollable bushfires, death and destruction.

Galapagos National Park Rules11. Fishing on board of tourist ships is not permitted. Please collaborate with the National Park Service by reporting any transgression to the management of the Galápagos National Park.

12. If you want to camp in the authorized sites or do comercial filming, you have to request a permit from the Galápagos Nacional Park Director. Please contact us at any of our technical offices located in the inhabited islands (San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz, Isabela, and Floreana).

13. If any kind of danger puts on risk the visitor’s safety and that of the National Park, please inform about it to a Park Ranger, Police authorities, Ecuadorian Navy, Air Force or any Municipal Authority.

14. Don’t be embarrassed to show your conservationist attitude. Explain to others the rules of Galápagos National Park and make them follow them.
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