Galapagos Local Based Tours
About Galapagos Islands Local Based Tourism - With the main goal of developing and supporting, tourism with a local base in Galapagos, THE SPECIAL LAW OF TOURISM IN NATURAL PROTECTED AREAS has acknowledged different forms of tourism such as: bay tours, daily tours, diving, sport fishing, diving cruises, port to port. Permanent residents are entitled to a permit to work in these tourist areas after going through a process of selection and fulfilling all the requirements requested by the law.

Galapagos Local Based ToursLocal based tourism consist of small tour operators (90% have 10 employees or less).

The total number of boats which offer all services, including boutiques is 87, 5%, 12.5% are small vessels with no possibilities of overnight services, used for day trips only.

The small vessels, 12.5%, allowed the growth and development of local based tourism primarily on Santa Cruz Island (Tourism Plan. Cluster – Galápagos. December 2002)

In the article 48 of the  Special Law for  Galápagos (LOREG, in Spanish), in it’s second paragraph states that* all forms of  actual tourism and those to be created in the future, will be designed only for permanent residents, whom will be given the respective permit of tour operator). Additionally in the article 49 of the same law states that construction of new infrastructure for tourist purposes will require the authorization of the INGALA board, only allowing permanent residents to be entitled to new permits.
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