Galapagos Islands Diving Tours
Galapagos Islands Diving ToursAbout Galapagos Islands Diving Tours - Conditions of the Galapagos waters are so unique that it has turned the islands into an important diving destiny.

It offers diverse habitats and species, due to a unique combination of oceanic currents and deep waters very close to the coasts.

Cold water upwelling, strong currents and from time to time the El Nino Southern Oscillation all bring up an unusual group of marine species. This is a product of the convergence of different water temperatures, where we find species from different marine ecosystems such tropical, indopacific, and subtropics.

Diving as a form of tourism has grown notably during the last years. We are still one of the few places where marine wildlife is neither afraid of human beings. One of the biggest attractions is diving with schools of sharks. The Galapagos is regarded as one of the seven marine wonders of the world, by the prestigious oceanographic organization Codam International.
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