About Galapagos Cruise Tours
About Galapagos Cruise ToursAbout Galapagos Islands Cruise Tours - This form of tourism with regulated itineraries established by the National Park Service began in 1969. From the beginning this included land visits as well as snorkeling.
The first vessels available were adapted fishing boats with the basic accommodations for passengers, with a main focus on educational interpretation.

The main interest of tourists at the beginning was the biodiversity on land, but since 1980 the marine environment got the attention as an important tourist destination for scuba divers as well as an increased interest in snorkel. In 1973 the first diving trip took place.

Since 1988 the number of boats which offer scuba diving has increased.  Now days there are tour operators that are totally dedicated to this activity. In combination with day trips, scuba diving has turned into an important area for the local businesses.
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