Protecting Tortoises Galapagos
Protecting Tortoises In The Galapagos Islands - Monitoring of tortoises in the wild is one of the programs that has been maintained in order to collect field data on the status of each population.

Protecting Tortoises GalapagosIn 2004, on Santa Cruz Island, 313 nests were marked and protected resulting in the successful birth of 978 baby-tortoises.

On James Island 36 nests were revised and 87 baby-tortoises where recruited. On Vulcan Wolf (Isabela Island), a total of 451 tortoises were marked.

In the year 2005 117 tortoises were repatriated: 43 to James, 51 to hood and 23 to Santa Cruz.

On the other hand, an analysis field-laboratory has been established to analyse field-samples in order to assess the state of health of the tortoises on Santa Cruz, San Cristóbal, Isabela and Santiago Islands.
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