Protecting Marine Iguanas
Protecting Marine Iguanas in The Galapagos Islands - Since 1993 blood samples of marine iguanas (Amblyrhinchus cristatus) have been taken from most of the archipelago. Less juveniles were noticed in the populations of Isabela Island, Floreana, San Cristobal and Santa Cruz due to the presence of feral cats. This reduction was not recorded on Baltra Island.

Protecting Marine IguanasThere is evidence of nesting on all the Islands and an abundance of juveniles was appreciated on those Islands without introduced predators. Control at specific sites and long-term monitoring are maintained. It has proven instrumental to monitor the populations on Islands without introduced animals in order to establish normal parameters of population densities.
In order to quantify the actual iguana population on those Islands where a low population density is recorded, regular census on feral cats are carried out.  Also, monitoring is implemented on those Islands where fuel spills occurred during the “Jessica” disaster - January 2001.
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