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La vida en estado puro Ecuador Life at its purest

   National Anthem = 2 Minutes

 Musica Ecuatoriana

  Ecuador Tigua Art                   
The indigenous artists of Tigua, Ecuador are renowned for their paintings. Tigua is located near Quito. Tigua the Quechua Indians maintain a tradition of paintings on sheepskin. On the paintings they depict their daily lives and their landscape.
  Ecuador Adventure Travel   
Adventure travel programs include multisports activities like climbing glacier covered volcanoes, high altitude and jungle trekking, mountain biking and horseback riding at our Vacation Farm Finca Colibri in the Pululahua Crater.
  Ecuador Culture                      
Ecuador's pre-Columbian peoples excelled in pottery,  painting, sculpture, and gold and silver work. The Spaniards trained indigenous artists to produce colonial religious art, which can be seen in many churches and museums.
  Ecuador Rafting Kayaking   
Ecuador is an ideal country for rafting and kayak adventures with its high mountain ranges and its many rivers dropping down from the Andes into the Amazon basin or coastal plains.
  Ecuador Hiking Trekking         
The country's climbing and trekking is found about 37mi south of Quito in Cotopaxi Park whose shaped centerpiece, Cotopaxi Volcano, is the world's tallest active volcano.
  Humpback Whales                 
Humpback Whale Watching is during the months of June - September. The Whale can be observed throughout the Province of Manabi coastline. There are one day trips.
  Montecristi Panama Hats     
Montescristi is internationally renowned for the high quality of the “Panama Hats” they produce (yes, Panama Hats are and always have been from Ecuador and not from Panama).
  Bahia de Caraquez Ecuador 
Bahia de Caraquez became an Ecocity during 1999. The city of Bahía de Caráquez is located in a sandy peninsula along the  coast of Ecuador. The peninsula is on a N-NW direction
  Ecoturismo Ecuador               
El destino perfecto para los amantes de la naturaleza y los viajeros de aventura. Ecuador recuerda los sitios místicos y misteriosos que son difíciles de encontrar en el mundo
  Ecuador Destinations and Tourist Locations
Isla de la Plata is part of the Ecuador's Machalilla National Park. Renowned for its abundant and exotic wildlife, exquisite unspoiled beaches and rich historical past. Isla de la Plata offers opportunities for curious travelers. Search for the island's great number of resident and migratory birds, including blue-footed and masked boobies, frigate birds, pelicans, and giant albatross. Isla de la Plata USD Day Trip

Ingapirca Inca Ruins Archaeological Sites - Ecuador has several ruins left by the Incas or other Amerindians. The principal Inca site is Ingapirca. Others include Rumicucho, near Quito; La Tolita, near Esmeraldas; and Tomebamba in Cuenca (most of the ruins in this old provincial capital have been built over, but some can be seen at Avenida Todos Santos). The ancient Valdivia culture (dating from 3200 BC) left remains at Real Alto, San Isidro (excavated mounds) and Santa Elena—all of which are located in the coastal area northwest of Guayaquil. Santa Elena is notable for having the world's oldest known cemetery (dating from 5000 BC). Inside Machalilla National Park is the Agua Blanca site. (Artifacts from most of these places are best seen in museums in Guayaquil and Quito.

Expeditions are always with a safety kayak.

Baños - Is located in the middle of a mountainous region = It is a place for relaxation while exploring the Andean Highlands. It is very well know for its natural springs. There are many locations that can accommodate a good long dip.  The lovely scenery around Banos is the area's other main attraction, and there are several ways to enjoy it. Good hiking trails, horse back riding and even riding a bike in the mountains. White-water boating is also possible in the area. Panama Hats from Montecrisit Ecuador

Otavalo Ecuador: Every Saturday, this small town of the province of Imbabura ( 100 kilometers north of Quito), get full of colors and get suffocated of agitation, when the natives begin to exhibit in the Poncho square, the carpets, blankets, belts and a great diversity of objects, created with the skill of their hands and the creative impulses of their inspiration.

  Otavalo Day Trip   Ecuador Hotels





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