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One of the reasons for the Inca lords - and others down the years - coming to this place is its remarkable setting with vast fertile plains ideal for grazing animals or growing crops presided over by spectacular mountains.

We got a closer feel for the region's farming history at another Andean hacienda, Hacienda la Alegria, which follows an ancient tradition of raising horses, cattle, fighting bulls, llamas and vicuna, keeping alive the proud tradition of the chagras (Andean cowboys).

And we saw the mountains up close during a visit to the Cotopaxi National Park which lies around the flanks of the massive volcano. This is rugged country but with plenty of wildlife. Driving through the park we passed herds of llama and horses grazing in meadows littered with huge volcanic bombs and flocks of water birds feeding on the waters of the Limpiopunga Lagoon.

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