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La Embajada de Ecuador en España

La Embajada de Ecuador en España ha asegurado este jueves en un comunicado que está "profundamente preocupada" porque los inmigrantes ecuatorianos están "entre los más afectados por los recortes de la Sanidad en España".

"La Embajada de Ecuador en España"

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Comprar Casas Prefabricadas en Ecuador

Hipotecas - Existen varios productos prefabricados que reemplazan al ladrillo y al bloque. Algunos de estos elementos comunes tienen que ver con el hormigón, otros no.

En Loja, esos sistemas no tradicionales ingresan poco a poco. Uno de estos es el Hormi 2, un sistema que utiliza planchas de poliestireno expandido (una especie de espumaflex) con mallas electrosoldadas de acero. Lo comercializa la Mutualista Pichincha. Otro sistema usado en la ciudad sureña es el Hormypol. Alberto Briceño es el creador del producto que fue patentado, en el país y fuera de él, en el 2006. El principio básico es la combinación del poliestireno expandido (espuma) y un microhormigón vibroprensado -simple o reforzado- en el que se utilizan materiales pétreos y otros muy comunes en el mercado.

"Comprar Casas Prefabricadas en Ecuador"

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About Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges

Ecuador’s leading hospitality company for active adventure, Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges, is creating Red Mangrove Tortuga Reserve, the first such reserve in the Galapagos.

According to Hernan Rodas, visionary founder and owner, his company has purchased 20 acres adjacent to the Galapagos National Park, a short drive from the company‚s Aventura Lodge on Santa Cruz. Here animals have free and unobstructed movement. While there are a number of tortoise farms dotting the islands, Red Mangrove‚s will be the first actual reserve for these giant reptiles.

"About Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges"

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About Galapagos Islands Volcanic Islands Unique Species

Galapagos - Associate Professor of Biology Kevin S. Kinney has traveled to the Galapagos Islands more than most people. Since his first trip eight years ago, he’s returned again and again to visit each of the volcanic islands and their unique species, becoming just as fascinated by them as Charles Darwin famously was in 1835. Each trip, he says, offers something new. Sure, there’s enough to study there to last a biologist a lifetime, but there’s another reason why every visit is so fresh and different: Kinney doesn’t go alone.

Like the students who travel with him, Kinney’s first visit to the Galapagos was during Winter Term. Since 2004 he’s repeated the course every other year with a new group. It’s not that his students are noticing species he missed on a previous trip. Immersed in newness, many are just looking at different things than a physiologist would.

"About Galapagos Islands Volcanic Islands Unique Species"

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About Coastal Ecuador Spans Almost 1,400 Miles

Michael Sager Podcast - Coastal Ecuador spans almost 1,400 miles

Ecuador’s Pacific Coast stretches from Esmeraldas in the north to Machala in the south and spans almost 1,400 miles. Along the way, you’ll find everything from burgeoning coastal resorts, tiny fishing, craft, and farming villages, and the country’s largest city, Guayaquil. The weather is tropical, and so is the laid-back and slow-moving attitude of the people.

"About Coastal Ecuador Spans Almost 1,400 Miles"

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